Manage any event from start to finish no matter its size whether for a social or professional occasions. Whether a small eight attendees and/or user event or a hundred thousand attendees and/or users, MobiCon patent pending technology is the only event management app that you need to organize the event, increase communication for networking and meetings, promote, sell tickets, among several other features—all the while with a solid ROI (return on investment) from our multiple income streams and direct impact on bottom line cost savings.

Plan Events Instantly

Use our ROI Calculator to calculate how much you can save and still have a cool and functional app to manage your event and allow your attendees to network with your exhibitors, sponsors, and one another. This calculator does not include all of the savings and new income streams the app allows, but it will show you how easily the app pays for itself and often creates a significant new income stream for you. Try it now ROI Calculator

Remarkable ROI

Our event management software is more than just an event management mobile app, it is your awesome virtual event promoter. MobiCon more than just a mobile app, it is also a mobile website, and a standard website so that it can assist your event in increasing your SEO and SMM footprint. Not only does it encourage all users to post to social networks but it allows you to share those posts with others to promote your event as well as create your own posts directly from the MobiCon mobile app.

Promote Events

With our super cool matching compatibility technology, there is no other single source mobile event management app that streamlines the event experience and offers as many ways to network as MobiCon. All app users begin chatting with one other as soon as the event goes live but more importantly, participants are incentivized to set appointments, meet those most relevant to you or your professional needs, exchange information and files, connect to each other, and post to social networks. All of this communication elevates business and social networking by a great deal. By having pre-event, during the event and even post-event exposure—the social and business networking capabilities are far beyond anything possible until now.

Business Networking

In addition to MobiCon allowing complete start to post event management, it also creates, new never before possible, income streams. For example exhibitors can pay a premium to be featured and have many more advantages when communicating with the attendees. Even sponsors can increase their promotions through our slick marketing tools. A super cool feature is having the ability add virtual exhibitors to the app thereby creating a complete new class of revenue! Notifications will always keep you alert on the latest news.

New Revenue Streams


Intuitive User Interface

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Features That Matter

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Connect With Your Friends

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Meet The Team

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